Our Story

Harvest Home Farmer’s Market is a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing access to local, farm-fresh produce to residents of some of New York City’s most impoverished and underserved communities. Since our founding in 1993, we have been offering healthy and affordable alternatives to the abysmal choices—which are often the only choices­­— in the City’s so-called “food deserts.”    

Harvest Home is a pioneer in bringing farmer’s markets to low-income New Yorkers. Today, we are one of the largest managers of farmer’s markets in New York City, operating locations throughout the city, and serving more than 250,000 shoppers a year. 

 We work in partnership with farmers from the metropolitan region , as well as community organizations, churches, and elected officials to bring fresh fruits and vegetables to these neighborhoods. To ensure the produce is affordable, our farmer’s markets accept electronic benefit transfers (EBTs), Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits (SNAP), and Women Infant and Children and Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program vouchers (WIC-FMNP), as well as New York City subsidy coupons for low-income residents.

The People We Serve

The people we serve include low-income senior, children, teens and families who are trying to eat healthy on a tight food budget or the limited assistance they receive through government aid programs. We work with area schools, senior centers, and other community partners to bring participants to our markets, where they can make the most of their food-purchasing dollars and learn effective ways of improving their health through better nutrition.

Harvest Home by the Numbers

Each year, Harvest Home helps put fresh food on the table of more than 250,000 New Yorkers who live below 30% of the federal poverty level.

We process over $133,000 in SNAP/EBT benefits and other food subsidies, giving New Yorkers who most need it a critical source of access to healthy food.

Upwards of 15,000 participants learn the importance of adding more fresh produce to their diets with simple, healthy, and affordable recipes through our Eating for Good Health cooking demonstrations and workshops

We make it possible for more than 1,000 children each year to enjoy supervised physical and sports activities in traffic-free spaces through our summer Play Streets programs.

Our Farmer’s Markets

Our farmer’s markets are open from June to November each year. Please see the crop schedule to learn about the fruits and vegetables available at each of our neighborhood markets throughout the season.


Click on the images below to learn about markets in key neighborhoods throughout New York City.               

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